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Anishinabi Lake is considered to be one of the top Lake Trout Lakes in Ontario. The lake is crystal-clean with a diverse structure. It's a deep and cold spring-fed lake but because of all the feeder streams and fertile satellite lakes flowing into Anishinabi, the lake has an extremely prolific forage base of Lake Herring, Chad, Cisco, Chub & Suckers, which keeps the Lake Trout population well fed. Lots of food and crystal-clean parasite-free water means the Lake Trout can reach great ages and enormous sizes. Another saving grace is Anishinabi Lake is only accessible by air. Its remote location has protected the trout from over-fishing and industrial influences. We are the only camp on the lake and the amount of fish our guests don't release is so minimal that the Lake Trout fishing is just as fantastic as it was over 300 years ago when the area was first explored by French Trappers.

Lake Trout are the dominant species in the lake. In the spring they can be caught shallow along the shore and later, during the heat of the summer, they are concentrated in impressive numbers right around the thermocline, which is usually 50 to 70 feet deep. The Lake Trout are most common in the 2 to 7 pound range but many in the 8 to 12 pound range get caught as well. During the summer guests who are experienced Lake Trout hunters will catch much larger trout in the 20 to 30 pound range. Actually, there have been quite a few 30-pounders caught in the last few years. Anishinabi Lake is a big lake with lots of water and food. There is no reason why Lake Trout in the 40 to 50 pound range are not present. Since this lodge opened, the largest Lake Trout caught was 52 pounds. That can't be the only 50-pound Laker in the lake. The fact is our Lake Trout fishing has not been exploited at all. It's really hard to know for sure what monsters are lurking around in the deep because many of our guests come for the amazing Walleye and Pike fishing opportunities.

As any experienced Lake Trout fanatics will tell you it's really hard to predict how many trout you will catch in a day during the summer. Lake Trout are very sensitive to changes in weather, especially atmospheric pressure. The best day for Lake Trout is a calm sunny day with high pressure. They feed best from day-break until around 10:30am and then later in the evening after dinner. If you fish for a couple of hours in the morning and then again in the evening, you could catch three or four nice trout. On some days the trout are really feeding well. We have had guests catch twenty nice size trout in a day. This is a Lake Trout Lake and the numbers are fantastic as far as Lake Trout fishing goes.