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Northern Pike Fishing
Anishinabi Lodge

We offer a number of Northern Pike fishing opportunities that will make even the most fanatical Northern Pike hunters feel like they are in Pike Heaven. Not only does Anishinabi Lake have great Northern Pike fishing, we also have boat caches on ten remote backcountry lakes, including a trophy fly-in lake, which are just stuffed with Northern Pike of every Size.

There are some Monster Northern Pike in Anishinabi Lake. Any lake that has a high population of Lake Trout and Northern Pike will produce huge Pike because Lakers are a rich reward as far as protein and energy. Anishinabi Lake has a diverse structure with weedy bays and shoals leading off into deep sunken ridges where the Northern Pike wait and ambush their prey. All along the shore you can catch tons of Pike in the 2 to 6 pound range. There are lots of bigger Pike along the shore, especially in May, June and July. We have had many guests catch multiple Northerns in the 8 to 15-pound range in one afternoon.

If your heart is set on catching a trophy Northern Pike in Anishinabi Lake and you are only catching smaller ones along the shore then you just need to adopt some Musky fishing tactics and troll along the shore in 15 feet of water with deeper running Musky lures and you will hit the big ones. In a deep lake with a high population of Lake Trout, the big trophy Pike will drift off into deeper water around 15 to 20 feet deep and they stage there for a while getting used to the pressure before going on deep-water raids to catch Lake Trout. This is when they are the most hungry and your best chance at catching a 20-pounder. Down where the Lake Trout are the water pressure is high. It's very difficult for Pike to digest their food at these depths so they will come right back into the shallow bays and sun themselves among the Wild Rice beds. The warmth of the sun and the warmer water helps their ability to digest a big meal. It's at this time when they look like Alligators in the water, thus why they are nicknamed Gators.

You do not have to fish deep to catch big Northern Pike but fishing shallow and 15 to 20 feet deep will increase your chances. On Anishinabi Lake if you think more like a Musky hunter your chances are really good at catching a couple of 20-pounders during a week of targeting them. Anishinabi Lake is quite capable of producing 25 to 30-pound Northern Pike. On rare occasions we have see Northern Pike over 45 inches and close to 25 pounds get caught and released.

Ten of our remote backcountry portage lakes and our fly-in trophy lake have awesome Northern Pike fishing. All of these lakes are shallow and weedy and with a weedless Johnson Silver Minnow or a weedless Daredevil you will hammer the Pike all day. You can catch more fish in an afternoon then you can catch in a week at many other lodges. The question is what are you looking for? Do you want high numbers or big trophies? You have that choice.

Some of our lakes are so stuffed with Northern Pike that our guests catch 60 to 100 Northern Pike in a day. You would need to be really good at taking Pike off a hook to see those numbers. We have other lakes where Walleyes are more dominant and you may only catch 30 or 40 Pike in a day but the average size will be much bigger with Northern Pike in the 6 to 10-pound range being common. Northern Pike fishing on our portage lakes or our fly-in lake really comes down to a numbers game. It takes the same skill to catch a 2-pounder as it does to catch a 20-pounder. If you target Northern Pike and work the weeds beds and the wild rice beds diligently you should get one in the 15 to 20 pound range. There are tons of big Northerns in these lakes. We know this because our guests that fish these lakes for Walleye often catch Northern Pike in the 40 inch range.

Our backcountry portage lakes are accessible by walking, ATV or floatplane. You will have tons of fun, catch lots of fish and see some real spectacles of nature. Some of the lakes are easier to get into than others so if someone if your group has physical challenges please let us know before you attempt the portage.