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Clark's Resorts & Outposts


With over 20 remote Fly-In Outpost locations to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the adventure you are looking for. All of our cabins are very clean and modern...you are not "roughin'-it" at these Outposts! They all feature hot and cold running water, some have electric fridges (some are propane), all have showers, stoves with ovens, gas BBQ’s, gas fish cookers, all cabins are well-lit, and Honda generators are available at all locations. The cabins are also equipped with dishes, cooking & eating utensils. The Fly-In package includes your flight to and from the base, the cabin for 5-7 nights, well maintained 14 or 16-foot boats with swivel seats and new or near-new 8HP, 9.9 HP, or 15 HP motors, fuel for outboard motors and generator, landing nets, minnow buckets, paddles, mid-week camp checks, ice, water, and LIVE MINNOWS! Most of our Outpost cabins are the only one on the entire lake. You won’t see another person out there other than who you came with… the true meaning of a remote fishing experience and of course the fishing is outstanding. At any one of our lakes you can find some of the best fishing that Northwestern Ontario has to offer! Experience Ontario’s rugged wilderness, breathtaking views, and peacefulness that can be found nowhere else. There are no cell phones, TVs, or cars where we take you!

Browse our amazing selection of Outpost Lakes:

Grace Lake
Kapikik Lake
Kamungishkamo Lake
McVicar Lake
Shabumeni Lake
Bertrand Lake
Pusher Lake
Upper Wapesi Lake
Antenna Lake
Austin Lake
Dobie Lake
Fawcett Lake
Meen Lake
Otatakan Lake
Wright Lake
Dorothy Lake
Okanse Lake
Richardson Lake
Cook Lake
Una Lake
Snelgrove Lake
North Gull Lake
South Gull Lake
Birmingham Lake